Modern tools to affiliate

We connect affiliates and direct advertisers on our own advertising platform. We monetize profitably your sources (websites, platforms) with maximum ROI on CPC, CPV, CPM models. We offer individual terms and honest real time statistic. We increase our partners' profit up to 500% thanks to special creatives and optimization tools. We sell targeted users at competitive rates via intelligent bidding.


cost per view/mille

CPM is a model of payment for every thousand of banners' impressions. Place banners on your resources and get money for every thousand views. We work with standard IAB banners for mobile, desktop and native ads. We monetize video ads. Earn up to $25 per thousand video views in following formats: Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll Ads, Overlay Ads, Out-Stream Video Ads, In-banner, etc. Use In-App catfish, Interstitial ads formats if you work with mobile traffic only.


cost per click

CPC is a model of payment for every click made by user on the advertisement offer placed on the website. Select one of the dozens of promotional materials, graphical xml feed, text ads, direct links, widgets, etc. Set the affiliate code into your website and earn money for every click made by users. Each click will be 100% covered at maximum price with our platform thanks to our top advertisers competing for your click.